Types of Industrial Sensors and their Uses

  Sensors are input devices that provide an output (signal) concerning a particular physical quantity (input). Over the years, different types of sensors have emerged to measure and monitor various elements such as heat, humidity, pressure, etc., and they are used across various applications. This blog from Millennium Semiconductors, a leading sensors distributor in India , quickly runs you through seven different sensors. 10 Types of Industrial Sensors and their Uses 1.        Pressure Sensor A pressure sensor is used to detect the pressure of the gas, air, and water. It provides an electrical signal to the controller and is used in vacuum, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The various pressure sensors include Absolute Pressure Sensor, Differential Pressure Sensor, Vacuum Pressure Sensor, and Gauge Pressure Sensor. 2.        Temperature Sensor As the name suggests, a temperature sensor is used to detect the temperature and heat energy and convert it into an electrical signal. Tempera

The Main Features of IGBT Power Modules

  The Main Features of IGBT Power Modules Looking out for the main features of an IGBT power module? Millennium Semiconductors, one of the top semiconductor distributors, talks about some of the features of IGBT power modules through this article. What is an IGBT? So, before we proceed to look at IGBT power module features, let us see what does an IGBT mean? IGBT is the abbreviation for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a three-terminal power semiconductor device mainly used an electronic switch. IGBT is ideal for modern-age electronic devices due to their ability to quickly switch on or switch off the power flow. IGBT power modules are required to convert electricity from one form to another. What does an IGBT Module do? IGBT power modules work as an electronic switching device that enables the current to switch from DC to AC. Through alternate switching, DC can be transformed to AC, and similarly, AC can be converted into DC. Features of an IGBT Power Module Som

4 Things to Know About IGBT Based Power Semiconductors

  IGBT-based power semiconductors form an integral part of a wide range of electrical applications. However, what are IGBT-based power semiconductors, their applications, and how efficient are IGBT-based power semiconductors compared to MOFSET? Millennium Semiconductors, one of the leading IGBT power module distributors, talks about these vital aspects for a better understanding of IGBT-based power semiconductors. What are IGBT-Based Power Semiconductors? A power semiconductor controls or switches current in electrical circuits. It includes the power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), power diode, Thyristor, and an Insulated Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). So, an IGBT integrates a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). Let us now look at the uses of  IGBT-based power semiconductors . What are the Uses of IGBT-Based Power Semiconductors? As per industry experts, IGBT provide

The Main Features and Benefits Of SiC MOSFETs

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, popularly known as MOSFET, is a semiconductor device with extensive applications in switches and amplification of electronic signals in various electronic devices. SiC MOSFET is among the most preferred options that offer many benefits over its counterparts. Accordingly, Millennium Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd., the top SiC MOSFET distributor in India, talks about the features and benefits of SiC MOSFETs. Features of SiC MOSFETS Silicon Carbide MOSFETS, or SiC MOSFETS offer the following features.       Higher avalanche ruggedness       Low capacitances and low gate charge       Operational stability at high junction temperatures at 175 degree Celsius.       Fast and reliable body diode       A faster switching pace on account of low internal gage resistance (ESR) SiC MOSFETs possess critical breakdown strength, which is 10X of silicon. Besides, their capacity to work at higher temperatures and the ability to provide

How to Choose the Best Electronic Components Distributor in India?

As an electronic product manufacturing company, your choice relating to electronic component suppliers plays a crucial role in your success as an electronic product manufacturer, and your sustainable business growth. It is the quality of components you use that determines the quality of your product So, if you’ve stepped out to choose an electronic components distributor for your company, you must know what factors you must evaluate the prospective vendor to make an informed choice. Millennium Semiconductors, one of the leading consumer electronics and semiconductor distributors in India, speak about five factors on which you must assess your prospective supplier and make the best choice. 5 Factors while Choosing the Best Electronic Components Distributor in India Making an abrupt choice can tarnish your reputation, as you may end up manufacturing defective electronic products. It could have large-scale repercussions, and hence, you must make a careful and educated decision before you

Popular Sensors used for Industrial Automation

Technological advancements such as AI, Big Data, IoT have played a significant role in helping the manufacturing world embrace industrial automation. However, since a considerable part of industrial automation revolves around collecting, analyzing, and processing data, these technologies need to be supported by sensors that enable the actual data capture and help measure the local environment in the form of data points. Accordingly, the industrial world uses a range of sensors that capture data relating to various critical aspects of particular equipment or an assembly line. These sensors contribute to the efficiency of industrial automation to a considerable extent. Based on the data received, they help the concerned people know whether the equipment or system is running smoothly or if the data signifies the onset of a particular problem in the time to come. In this view, Millennium Semiconductors, the leading distributor of industrial IoT sensors and the top  electronic components di

The Best Electronic Components Distributor in India - Millennium Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd

  The manufacturing of electronic devices involves several challenges, the most important of which is finding and purchasing the components that make them. Electronic components are critical to every electronic device manufacturer because the effectiveness, accuracy, and durability of those components determine the fate of the product and the reputation of the electronic components distributor . Millennium Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the well-known names across the electronic component distribution space. The company distributes the best quality electronic components for various industries and applications including but not limited to automotive, lighting, consumer, industrial, defense, and the Internet of Things.  For more information, contact at   8308838961 Visit the website: